The Company

D & D Aviation was founded in 1993; it has grown into a dynamic, customer-focused company. We are experiencing continued success and growth as D & D expands its service offerings and operations. Corporate headquarters are located in the majestic Salt Lake Valley at Salt Lake City International Airport. Our structure provides the stability and resources of a large organization, while preserving our innovative and entrepreneurial environment of a family business. Our core customers range from Corporate Executive Travel, Road Shows, Celebrities, Professional Athletes, Casinos, Medical Transport, and Family Travel.

The Management Team

Richard "Dick" Hopkins, Owner and Director of Operations
Dick has over forty years of aviation experience with the US military and FAR Part 121 and 135 operations; twenty of those years serving as Chief Pilot and Director of Operation for FAR 135 operations. In 1993 Dick knew he could make a difference in the aviation business so he founded D & D Aviation. His keen eye for business, extensive flight experience, and his word has helped transform D & D Aviation in to what is today. Typed rated in, and a check airman for Learjet and Gulfstream (G1159).

Richard “Tony” Hopkins, Jr., Chief Pilot.
Type rated in Learjet and Gulfstream (G1159). Check airman for Learjet. Has a varied Air Force background that includes logistics, Research and Development, Operations, and Acquisitions. As a USAF reservist, serves as an Air Operations Officer for US Forces Japan, Headquarters. Responsible for and maintains pilot records, flight logs, Navigation subscriptions (Jeppesen and GPS/FMS data based). Also serves as the TSA Aircraft Operator Security Coordinator (AOSC).

Dennis Olszewski, Director of Training
Has accumulated over 9,000 hours flying both military and civilian aircraft. Type rated in Learjet and Hawker and developed D & D Aviation’s In-House training and testing program.

Chad Walker, Director of Maintenance
Mr. Walker has been with D & D since 1993 and Director of Maintenance since 1995. Mr. Walker is factory certified on both Learjet and Gulfstream aircraft types. An accomplished trouble shooter and maintainer; was asked by NTSB to participate in investigation of P&W 305A engine fan blade manufacturing defect.

David E. Birkley, Director of Marketing
Starting his aviation career in 1985 with Bloomingdale’s flight department, Mr. Birkley has held a variety of positions in aviation ranging from a commercial airline Station Manager, Vice President of Customer Service and Director of Charter Operations. Mr. Birkley has arranged charters for heads of state, Coast Guard drug interdiction support; NCAA sports programs, celebrities, musical groups and corporate incentive group travel.

Flight Crews

Our flight crews have a broad base of experience; flying aircraft as varied as the C-172, F-117 Stealth Fighter and the B-747-400. The pilot base has over 141,000 hours of flight experience, with the majority in high-performance jet aircraft. Pilots’ backgrounds include: Flight instructors, FAR 135 Operations (passenger, cargo, and medical), United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force Aviators, and major airline flight crews (Delta, American, United, Continental and Alaska Airlines).

All pilots complete computerized annual training on aircraft systems, aviation weather, flight physiology, Federal Aviation Regulations, RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums) and International operations. Our in-house training eliminates the need to travel out of state for aircraft system reviews and check rides, saving money and allowing greater utilization/availability of crew members. Crews are also provided with hands-on emergency training.

All crews are verse in international operations in North America, including the Caribbean and Latin America. Gulfstream crewmembers are also authorized / certified for Pacific Ocean operations.